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Anto said that customers can customize masks online and send their avatar photos to the photo studio by e-mail, so that the staff can make three cotton washable masks for a total of 500 rupees (approximately 47.2 yuan). Customers can also go directly to the photo studio to take pictures, use the photos to make masks, and get them in just one hour.

New Delhi: Scammers took bank lottery fraud to a new level. Scammers used the name and photo of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, to induce vulnerable people to deposit 15,500 rupees in cash. In order to get a prize of 5.5 million rupees.

Can yoga prevent the new coronavirus? This lie turned out to be said by an Indian official. On March 1, at the opening ceremony of the International Yoga Festival, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India, Adianas, stated that yoga can prevent various diseases, including the current epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, and can be prevented and eliminated by practicing yoga regularly.

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The third prize was 250,000 euros. The winning number was 95395, which was drawn 17 minutes after the draw. It is reported that the third prize went to Guardo (Palencia).