In one touching story, veteran Jeffrey Hayward, now 98, recounted the day of his WW2 conscription. His father lost a leg in WWI and died when Jeffrey was just 4 years old. He rwho won powerball todayemembered not being happy at his call up. As an 18 year old man, he ended up in France just after Hitler’s invasion of Poland. Fortune favoured him in 1940 when a firefight with Nazi officers led to Mister Hayward and some regiment mates finding German plans to advance on Dunkirk. He is just one of the veterans revisit active service areas this year and he returned to the site where they found the plans.

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The workers said that TechProcess and the French acquirer IngenicoGroupSA offered them a price of 13 rupees per vested share, while paying investors a price of 202 rupees per share. The lawsuit alleges that this offer amounts to a unilateral termination of the employee stock option (ESOP) plan. In another case, the former CEO of the startup Bikramjit Sen (BikramjitSen) also challenged the termination of the stock option plan. TechProcess said it would not comment on any court proceedings. The workers declined to comment beyond the court documents.

But now, former employees are suing Mumbai-based TechProcess, claiming that they were wrongly deprived of earnings. Their stock options. The actions of Deepak Mishra, Kunal Nagarkatti and 15 others are extremely rare in India. This has also attracted people's attention. Many people say that this is an abuse of the system of option startups that compensate ordinary employees in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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In the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana, every November is the season for farmers to harvest crops. In order to clear the land, farmers will choose to burn straw directly on the spot, which will generate a lot of smoke and dust.

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